Whom to Blame for Pet Obesity? Pets or Pet Parents?

Most of the time, pet parents can be responsible for their canine’s or feline’s health and wellness. Isn’t it true? Don’t you make their food and diet-related decisions? Apart from heredity, congenital, communicable, and other unwarranted health troubles, a pet can be largely affected by a messy lifestyle. Pet owners must check on their pets regularly so they don’t deviate from their health goals.

Have a brief chat with your vet, and you will know the most common excuses pet parents come up with when dealing with pet obesity. Pet obesity is a critical medical issue that can set off a chain reaction leading to various other health troubles. Plenty of seemingly innocent health issues do this, which is why you need to purchase pet insurance early. Inquire about pet insurance cost and compare quotes before signing up for a plan.

You need to know that insurers do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. A healthy pet today may not share the same health status the next moment. So, you need a medical financial backup that can come to your rescue in times of accidents, injuries, illnesses, and other pet health emergencies. Buy a policy to potentially minimize your annual pet health expenses and stay considerably stress-free during distressing health times.

For now, we have a list of a few common excuses pet owners can give their vets when their fur babies are diagnosed with pet obesity. Help your fur baby maintain an ideal weight, so they don’t fall prey to obesity issues, and you don’t have to be the reason for it.

Excuse #1 My pet doesn’t overeat; I don’t know how it gained weight.

A pet’s body functions more or less like a human’s. Remember the supreme rule of weight gain? Calories in more than calories out? Yeah! And that is why even if your furry pet eats little, still, they may be gaining weight. If your baby pet is inactive and only slumbers through the day after having one or two meals, it is most likely to put on a few kgs. Ensure your fur baby gets enough exercise and physical activity, so they burn out extra calories.

Excuse #2 My pet never feels full with any amount of feeding

Your pet’s ancestors lived in the wild. In those days, creatures would hunt down food and fill their stomachs to a tearing point. It was a survival instinct as they never knew when they would find another meal. However, acting hungry can also be a learned behavior in pets at home. Your bored pet may fancy meals now and then to stay occupied, which is why you need to hamper such behavior by providing adequate stimulation through interactive playtime.

Excuse #3 My pet may starve or fall ill

With excessive weight, your pet can already be ill. Will you like it if your pet suffers from bone and joint issues or diabetes going further? So, should you feed your pet more than necessary or relieve them of discomfort and potential medical complaints through providing the right amount of feeding? Don’t lose your objectivity and give in to your pet’s frequent food begging.

Excuse #4 Every family member feeds our pet

You may love your cuddly baby, and so does the entire family, but do the math and you may realize the amount of food going into your pet’s system. Too many meals, table scraps, and treats now and then can make your pet fluffier and more prone to illnesses. Instead, if you each feel you must feed the pet then please take it in rounds, and each of you feed the pup or kitty a different meal (morning/noon/evening) in a day over however many days until everyone has had a turn.

Despite all your efforts with the right food and exercise, if your pet is still gaining weight, your furry baby probably suffers from an undiagnosed medical condition. Take your pet to the vet asap for diagnosis and treatment to hopefully relieve your pet of medical issues contributing to the weight gain. Purchase pet insurance to significantly reduce your financial burden in times of pet accidents, illnesses, and emergencies. Pet insurance cost can be much less than the heavy vet bills you may have to bear otherwise.

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