Top Best Online Meeting Platforms Of 2022

Online Meeting

Although in-person meetings are the best way to get connected, what if gathering in person is not possible?

For a variety of reasons, it is always not possible to bring everyone together at the same time in one place. Therefore, online meetings are attaining popularity. 

They are easy to host, save travel expenses, and most importantly save travel time. 

Consequently, with the rise in demand for online meetings or conferences, the demand for online platforms catering to online communications needs is also increasing. 

For the last two years, online meetings have been extensively used and are expected to likely increase. 

But, only a few platforms are known for online conferencing. 

So in this blog, we will introduce more online platforms to you where you can host your next online meeting or conference. 


Mixhubb is one of the renowned online platforms known for its fascinating and lifelike conferences. This is one of the best online event platforms where you can host an event of all types and all sizes. Mixhubb has an easily accessible interface where you can host online meetings or events in no time. It provides beautifully crafted virtual venues for your event. Being a customizable virtual event platform, Mixhubb lets you create, design, and modify the events according to you. Mixhubb also allows attendees to grow their personal and professional network by using one-on-one networking features. For keeping attendees hooked up and making their experience more immersive during the live session, this online platform offers engagement features like live chats, polls, Q&A, etc.

 Mixhubb is fully stacked with advanced features like email and automated invites to ensure more show-up rates. 

In addition to that, Mixhubb offers a robust data analytics feature enabling the host to get insight into the online event. 

Despite having a variety of features, Mixhubb is a budget-friendly virtual event platform and also offers a free plan. 


It offers a simple and easy-to-use setup and is most popular among remote team members and educational organizations. Zoom, allows you to create and share a private link with the attendees with whom you want to connect. It enables you to host the meeting with up to 100 attendees. For connecting and sharing in the most effective way Zoom, allows you to have 1:1 and group chats. With its HD video and audio Zoom enables you to host an unlimited number of meetings. Other features include screen sharing, Scheduled meetings, private and group chats, and host control over the meeting.

Google Hangout:  

Google Hangout is the best way to connect with your Google contacts or with those who are outside of your network. It is an online platform for hosting video conferences where you get the option to turn off the camera and can use it only for audio calls. On this online meeting platform users can also host individual conversations, training, team meetings, and many more. You can host an online meeting with up to 25 attendees only.

 Ad-hoc calls can be used as invites; users having the invite link can effortlessly join the online conference. Additional features of Google Hangout include recording of video meetings, screen sharing, messenger conversation, and the option of joining the online conference via Google Calendar.

 Dialpad Meetings:

This online meeting platform is best suitable for a small team of fewer than 10 members. It lets your team connect through audio, video, messages, and online meetings. 

Moreover, Dialpad enables some sets of advanced features also, that serve your business communication needs. With its free plan, you can host a meeting for up to 45 minutes. It also allows you to have an unlimited number of video conferences. Other notable features include HD audio, screen sharing, call recordings, etc.  


It is a comprehensive online meeting platform, enabling you to host online conferences and webinars. It serves as a perfect communication solution for your remote team. Its screen-sharing options enable the attendees to collaborate easily with other fellow attendees. GoToMeeting also allows the user to draw on their screen for sharing brainstorming and collaborating in real-time. Its customization feature enables the attendees to modify or design their virtual backgrounds according to them. GoToMeeting also allows users to record the meetings in the cloud or locally to revisit them. Advanced features of GoToMeeting include a commuter mode for a mobile meeting, presenter control, and a smart meeting assistant.

Moreover, GoToMeeting ensures you have safe, secure, and headache-free online meetings.

Facebook Live:

This online platform is the best platform for those who have a large audience. Using Facebook Live users can directly Livestream their videos to social media platforms. Attendees can react, share, and comment on the videos during the live stream. Nowadays, users are suing Facebook Live for the marketing of products, broadcast demos, videos, etc. To connect with the audience, Influencers extensively uses this online platform.

live streaming for four hours, live chats, and custom audience. It also gives you the option to schedule the videos in advance.

YouTube Live:

It is another platform similar to Facebook Live used for the marketing of the products with the option of live Q&A. Generally used for hosting online classes by many educational organizations. It also offers screen sharing and virtual whiteboards for making the live session more interactive. It also offers a private live stream, live automatic caption, location tag, and advanced scheduling.

While selecting a video conferencing platform for your online conferences or meetings, it is necessary to compare the features of the online platforms. The right conferencing platform depends on the type and size of the meeting you want to conduct. 

Here in the blog, we have given details of online meeting platforms that you should at least give a try. 

So, what are you waiting for?

 Go and try your hands on one of the above-stated platforms according to your communication needs. 

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