Why should we change Orbi AX6000 Router default password

Changing the Orbi router login AX6000 router password is necessary to secure it from hackers and cyber thieves. The hackers are so clever that they can break the security level of your router using these default credentials. They can guess the SSID and password through the name of the brand. Change the username and password to avoid malicious activity on your home wifi network.

Steps to change your Orbi default password for AX6000

When we change our default Orbi router login password, and after some time, suddenly we forget it, then we have an option to recover the password. You need to follow the few enlisted steps to get your WIFI password back to you.

  1. Firstly, launch a web browser using a computer or mobile device attached to the Orbi setup network.
  2. And then, enter http://orbilogin.com to access the login page.
  3. You will see the login window on your Orbi router login dashboard.
  4. Then, you need to enter the orbi setup and login username and password into the required fields.
  5. And then, click the Login button to access the homepage of your Orbi firmware AX6000.

Note: – The Orbi default password and username is admin. Both of these credentials are case-sensitive.

  1. As you enter the Orbi router login details, the BASIC Homepage displays.
  2. From here, select the following options; ADVANCED > Administration > at last, Set password.
  3. As you see the Set Password page, complete the required fields and click the APPLY button.


Your settings are safe, and you can log in to the required Orbi default password page using the new login credentials.

Orbi firmware update for your AX6000 router

  1. To update the firmware for your ORBI AX6000 router, connect your mobile device to the WIFI network of your router using the ORBI App or orbilogin.com web utility.
  2. Launch the app after you finish the downloading process.
  3. On the next page, enter the Orbi default password and the username to SIGN IN to your ORBI account.
  4. Now the Orbi setup and login dashboard will have appeared on your screen. Look for the menu option on the same screen.
  5. After clicking the menu option, go to settings> router settings.
  6. Come to the bottom of this page and tap the option “check for the updates.”
  7. If you find any latest updates available for your router, click on the notification and follow the onscreen instructions for the Orbi firmware update: AX6000 router.
  8. Do not quit the page or interrupt the process by any activity with your ORBI firmware AX6000.

Orbi AX6000 router login issues and troubleshooting things 

The first thing we should always check is the connections into your modem and the Orbi setup devices. A loose or weak Wi-Fi connection always troubles the users. Assure that the wires are connected to your internet-enabled devices to resolve such issues. Always use an Ethernet cable to connect your Orbi router and the modem. You can get the best possible chance with your internet connection and rule out a few problems in this way.

Is the internet still not working? Even after performing all the above steps? It means you are facing service outage issues in your area. The best way to avoid such problems is to verify it with the internet service provider. If they find internet outage issues, tell them to resolve them as soon as possible. If there aren’t any outage issues with our Orbi router login Network, follow some essential steps below.

Check the settings on your Orbi router login device AX6000 

You will see that the network services are good, but the router is still offline. In this situation, you cannot connect any devices to your router. It will render your router and the other client devices useless. Check the settings on your Orbi router login device and the modem when it happens.

To resolve these issues even faster, reset your Orbi AX6000  

Remove your Orbi setup device AX6000 from the power to perform the above task. After that, keep it untouched for at least a few seconds. When you plug it back in again, refresh the connection to improve its performance.

If the Orbi firmware reset did not work and improved the condition of your router, check whether it needs a firmware update. In particular, you should check the cables and their connections. Worn-out cables naturally degrade in quality over time. So, replace them occasionally. Check each Wi-Fi cable thoroughly, leaving no points frayed in any case.


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