Wordle Today Answer (Thursday 11 August 2022)

Wordle Today

Whether you’re looking for a new online word game or just want to play something fun, you can play Wordle today. The game is a five-letter word search where the colours of the letters change according to where they are in the answer. The less guesses you get, the smarter you look! Best of all, you don’t need to download Wordle to play. Here are some fun facts about Wordle.


You’re looking for the Answer to Wordle Today! Well, you’ve come to the right place! Today’s solution contains two vowels in consecutive positions and no repeated consonants. It also rhymes with caffeine. Here’s what the word is: hold on! And it works as a verb. You’re on your way to becoming a Wordle pro! But hold on tight! There’s a hint at the end of the post.


If you’ve ever wondered what words are used in the New York Times, the answer is likely ‘crane’. This puzzle uses letters that you rarely see in ordinary words, but has been designed to challenge players of all levels. Hints for Wordle today provide a clue for solving the puzzle. The words used in this puzzle are not familiar, but with practice, you can figure out which words are paired with them.

Starting word

Choosing a starting word on Wordle today can be tricky, but we’ve got some tips to help you make your choice. A good starting word for Wordle should have at least two vowels and is not a commonly used word. Y, which is found at the end of a lot of words, can act as a surrogate vowel. We’ve come up with a list of potential starting words that will help you get started.

Hard mode

When playing Wordle Today, you can try out the game in “Hard Mode”. This mode limits the number of guesses you can make and makes the words harder to find. When the letters you see are yellow, they aren’t in the right position and must be included in your next guess. To enable the game in “Hard Mode,” click the setting icon in the top right corner of the page. Click the toggle on the right of “Hard Mode” (it will be green). You can also enable it in-between guesses.


Have you ever wondered if there are any synonyms for a word? Well, you can find out today by trying out Synonyms on Wordle. This tool, developed by IBM senior software engineer Jonathan Feinberg, has become wildly popular, and also has even been nominated for a Webby. The Webbys are an award given to websites and web-based media. So what are synonyms for?


Having trouble solving the Wordle of the day? You can get help from this website. Wordle is a five-letter word game that has over four hundred and also eighty words in it. To solve a Wordle, you must guess a five-letter word hidden inside a box. There is no time limit on solving Wordle, so you can take your time and also work your way through the list of letters.

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