Best Apps to Make Your College Life Easier

From dorm furniture to textbooks, college students have several things on their buying list. A conventional college buying list does not include apps but in this digital era, some apps can make your transition to college from school easier. 

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Going off to college is exciting but can be intimidating at the same time. It offers a new beginning and a new place, which leaves one feeling overjoyed but overwhelmed. To make for a smoother transition to college life, you can prepare for some things. From taking notes to budgeting your finances, there is a lot to deal with. To help in this regard we have prepared a list of apps that make college life easier. Let us get into them. 

Transportation Apps

Transportation apps like Uber or Lyft can help you travel to a new town or college campus with ease. You do not have to worry about not knowing the way or getting lost, as you can get direct directions from Apple or Google maps. You can share your location with your friends or family so they know where you are headed, and you can feel safe in a new town. It is better to set up your Uber or Lyft account before you go off to college.


Venmo is a digital wallet that provides a cash-free and secure way to pay for your purchases. All you need to do is create an account and get going. Venmo allows you to split payments between friends if you are out for a bite. You can also send and receive cash payments with Venmo. 

Google Calendar

A planner or calendar is incredibly important to keep track of your classes, tests, test preparation, self-study schedule, etc. It should preferably be with you at all times so you can update it in real-time as you get information. There are those heavy binders many people invest in but end up never updating because they are too heavy to carry. 

A digital planner is therefore the best option. Google Calendar is an excellent option as it allows customization and is connected to your google account so it can easily be accessed across multiple devices.  


Evernote provides the perfect solution to your note-taking vows. It allows you to take notes, organize files, add links, and pictures, and share these notes right from the convenience of your phone. You don’t need to worry about carrying and maintaining different notebooks for different courses, all of it can be done on one app.

Procrastination and strict deadlines are not a good combination. However, people struggle with productivity in their college life. is a productivity-improving app that provides customized background music to help you focus better by removing distractions.

1 Second Everyday

You probably have heard it from many people but college indeed goes by fast. Once you graduate, even the most mundane days will seem memorable and feel good to reflect on. 1-second-everyday is a video diary app that reminds you to take a 1-second video every day and compiles a movie at the end of the year for you to look back on. With this app, you can capture your college life experience in a fun way. 

Budgeting Apps 

Budgeting apps like Mint can help you manage your finances with the convenience of your phone. You can set saving goals and link your banking accounts to help manage bill payments. The basic version of the app is free but you can get a premium account to get an ad-free experience.

In Conclusion

College seems to be a big transition that leaves one feeling rushed, always on the go, and overburdened with responsibilities. This situation becomes a bit easier with the aid of some digital tools. From building a budget to recording notes, some apps can help navigate college life. These apps are time-tested and can enhance your college experience. We hope you can use this list to make your day more productive. 

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