Buying Guide for Your Kid’s 1st Birthday Gifts

Kids 1st Birthday Gifts

Even if your baby doesn’t comprehend their 1st birthday gifts, there’s still plenty to rejoice over. The first year of a baby’s life is filled with developmental milestones, and by the time they’re toddlers, most newborns have worked out where to sit up, slither, pull up and stand, and even walk. They can handle a fork, pick up a Cheerio, and give hugs and kisses, and their linguistic skills are booming. It’s hard to believe they were only a year ago in your womb!

Consider products that help with the development of big and fine motor skills, vocabulary, and language if you’re looking for 1st birthday gifts ideas. Sheri Gurock, the proprietor of Magic Beans, a children’s toy store in the Boston region, has some recommendations. Along with these recommendations, might consider buying from KidsVoucherCodes.

Choosing the Best 1st Birthday Gifts

Multifunctional, long-lasting, and fascinating toys are the finest. High-quality materials, such as wood or heavy-duty plastic, are more likely to survive a toddler’s inevitable misuse.


Even if a toy is rated for children aged 2 and up, it can be a fantastic gift for a one-year-old. Any toy with a choking hazard must be labeled for ages 3 and higher by safety rules, therefore if a toy is safe for a 2-year-old, it’s probably safe for a 1-year-old. Your child may not utilize the item exactly as intended, but that’s a good thing because it reinforces the idea that flexibility and creativity are encouraged.

  • Toys for Pulling and Pushing

Walking is the most difficult of all the physical milestones a child can achieve during the first year. Pushing toys will aid in the development of the strength and coordination that babies require. Many toys incorporate additional play features, such as built-in shape sorters, bead mazes, music, or moving parts, which extend the toy’s lifespan.


Find a push toy with a broad handle and a low centre of gravity for best stability if your infant is just starting to pull up to standing. Some variants allow you to alter the speed at which the wheels spin.


When your baby is able to walk without assistance, you can move on to pulling toys, particularly those with vivid colours and dynamic bits that will come to life when moved. These intriguing toys educate toddlers to look backwards while going forward, which aids with balance and confidence development.


  • Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker
  • VTech Sit-to-Stand LEarning Walker
  • VTech Pull and Sing Puppy
  • Hape Walk-A-Long Snail Toddler Wooden Pull Toy
  • Toys That You Can Fill And Spill

An infant will not look for a toy that has fallen to the floor, but 1-year-olds may begin looking for toys that have vanished. Fill-and-spill toys are an ideal 1st birthday gifts idea since they teach children about losing and finding things.


Following are the famous toys that fall in category of fill and spill. It is the best activity for the children’s to keep themselves clean and clear. It also helps them to learn the art of cleaning. 


  • Pretty Purse of Melissa & Doug Fill & Spill
  • Melissa & Doug Toolboz Fill and Spill
  • Lamaze, My First Fishbowl
  • Toy Sorting and Stacking

Toddlers may practice recognizing shapes, matching colors, and manipulating little things using shape sorting machines and stacking toys. Blocks are among the most accessible and long-lasting toys available, according to child development specialists.


Toddlers should be able to stabilize with one hand while manipulating with the other. Sorting is not just a game, but an activity that is led by block. Your child can build anything, a building, a car, a castle. What ever they like, they can build it with the help of blocks. Also, it will help them to learn the small words. 


Keep things basic at first by using small, consistent blocks, such as the iconic wooden alphabet blocks or multicolored plastic blocks. You can look for valid Samuel Johnston discount code to have them. A one-year-old can arrange a few blocks at a time, then understand spatial relationships and basic physics and math concepts.


  • Maxim Deluxe Wooden ABC Blocks
  • Toys One Two Squeeze Blocks
  • Lego Duplo my First Bricks
  • FirstBuilder Big Building Bag
  • Toys that Rock and Roll

Rocking toys help 1-year-olds develop core posture and stamina, and the back-and-forth action delivers soothing sensory input. When it comes to designs, a low-to-the-ground rocker is the greatest option, since it reduces the risk of damage if a child loses the balancing act or trips while obtaining on and off.


Most 1-year-olds enjoy zooming around on their own two wheels, but they lack the coordination to ride a tricycle. Instead, a ride-on toy that enables them to spin and push with their legs to build speed should be your initial birthday present option. This improves muscle tone, rhythm, and awareness of one’s own body. For further support, look for one that is close to the floor and has a stable grip.


A tricycle with a drive for the parent is also available. Your youngster won’t receive a great deal of exercise at first, but riding on the trike should motivate them to discover out how to get it moving. A tricycle, on the other hand, will grow alongside your child over several years!


  • Little Tikes Rocking Horse
  • Labeb Baby Rocking Horse, Pink Ride Unicorn
  • Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car
  • Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Big Kids’ Favorite Toys

Toy interests, whether dolls, construction sets, or games, are typically known (and spoken!) by this age. So you can keep the pleasure going, we selected new favorites and add-ons to beloved brands. Other than our selective toys, you may also share some of your suggestions as well. Please tell us, what else your kids love to play with and what are the observed learning in those toys. 

Toys for Preschoolers

Preschoolers enjoy making things. Toys that allow youngsters to sculpt shapes and write images with their hands and imaginations typically do well—especially when their favorite figure is involved! They can’t get enough of pretend play, so there are lots of play sets here to pique their interest. To shop kids preschool toys make use of Bright Minds discount code and save extra to help others.

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