For Tile Work on Wall or Floor, What Materials and Equipment Do You Need

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Tiling is one of the key procedures that must include in any construction or thorough overhaul. There are numerous ways to tile, and each one adds a unique design to each area. As a Top Construction Companies In UAE we offer best products and services for tiling and other works.

This page will explain what tiling is, the distinctions between it and flooring, various patterns for laying tiles and ceramics, and much more pertinent information on the subject.

What Is Tiling

Top Construction Companies In UAE
Top Construction Companies In UAE

The action of installing tiles, pottery, tiles, or any form of covering on the walls is known as tiling.

Different Types and Patterns of Tiling

Placing In Cross Line or Queen

The cross line or queen placement is one that intersperses 2 or three tiles horizontally and the same vertically.

It is a type of installation that leaves a good design, and that requires some time, but it gives a very sophisticated look to the walls, since the lines it marks are very dynamic.

Apart from all these placements that we have indicated, there are many others and even mixtures of different patterns that give great designs.

However, apart from the patterns, a good tiler will always be able to do an unusual and original installation if you ask him to.

Whether as a mosaic or any other type of installation with which you can achieve a totally unique design.

Kitchen Tiling

Kitchen tiling is very similar to bathroom tiling. However, the design and choice of tiles may be different.

Keep in mind that the kitchen gets dirty easily and with products that can leave a lot of stains, so one of our recommendations is that you choose large-format plates, especially in the area where you cook, since that way there will be no joints that can be stain from food splashes.

You can create different environments within your kitchen, thus having an innovative and dynamic design. You can also mix different patterns choosing the best one for each part of this room. There are no limits when it comes to covering your walls.

Tile On a Tile

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether can we tile it over tiled. The direct answer is yes, although it not recommends. When we decide to completely change the coverings, the ideal is to remove the tiles that are there and replace them with others.

However, if you do not want to carry out this process for different reasons, we will briefly indicate the steps to take to tile over tile.

Check that the tiles that are in place do not show breaks or that there are none loose. We can check it by tapping lightly with a rubber hammer. Thoroughly clean the entire surface. Remove any type of rest that may be. Prepare a best quality mortar, adhesive or glue cement and apply it little by little on the surface.

Subsequently, place the tiles getting a perfect level. Among them, the ideal will be to use leveling systems to achieve the same distance between them.

When the adhesive has dried, we will remove the spacers and joint paste will add in the gaps between the tiles. Finally, will remove, all the remains with the products indicated for this.

Tools For Tiling

In addition, having products and utensils created specifically for this task will not only achieve a more perfect finish, but will also save a lot of time.

Here we will exclusively indicate some of the most outstanding without including personal protection equipment such as safety glasses or gloves, or other more basic tools correctly. Every professional should have a series of tiling tools. These tools are necessary to be able to work.

The main tiling tools are:

Tile Cutter

Top Construction Companies In UAE
Top Construction Companies In UAE

A tile cutter is an essential item for every tiler.

It is always necessary to have one at hand to be able to adapt the entire tiled surface correctly.

Proficut Cutter 800mm

Leveling Systems

Top Construction Companies In UAE
Top Construction Companies In UAE

Leveling systems are almost essential elements so that each tile is at the same distance from each other.

Normally, leveling systems make up of different products. There are those with crosspieces that serve to put between tile and tile and that way all the joints create with the same thickness, and then there are the wedges that have two functions:

  • Ensure the same distance between tile and tile.
  • Ensure that all the tiles are on the same level with the help of wedges inserts that into said wedges. In addition, if we purchase a kit, we usually complete it with shim pliers.

Tile Level

Top Construction Companies In UAE
Top Construction Companies In UAE

Without a level, a successful installation would be impossible. As good as we are at distances, we could never get a perfect finish.

Thanks to the level, we will check that everything is in its place.


We must use It every time place a piece, since, if we omit even a single check, it can ruin all the work done.

Castle tooth comb

Top Construction Companies In UAE
Top Construction Companies In UAE

This tool is ideal for preparing a tiled surface.

The grooved shape allows to leave the adhesive material with grooves that facilitate the gluing of the plates to it.

Tooth comb for tiling.

Tiler Suction Cup

Top Construction Companies In UAE
Top Construction Companies In UAE

Tiler suction cups mainly allow handling of large-format plates.

Depending on the model, they can support up to 40 kilos of weight and are very useful for safe handling.

Trowel Or Trowel

Top Construction Companies In UAE
Top Construction Companies In UAE

The trowel or trowel is a tool that contains a flat and smooth sheet for finishing.

We can used rubber or sponge inserts to remove traces of dirt, etc.


As we have mentioned, tiling is an art, and therefore, it is necessary that, if you decide to change the coverings of your home, you can achieve:

  • A qualified professional who assures you that they will do a good job for you.
  • Good quality materials so that your walls look perfect for many years.
  • Also remember that imagination has no limits and if you want to have an original tiling, you can achieve it with the help of a good tiler.

For our part, we can provide you with all the necessary construction materials to achieve the walls you want.

For further details contact Civil Engineering Companies in Dubai.


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