How to Print Images and Graphics on Custom Candle Boxes?

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If you’d like to print images or graphics on custom candle boxes, then you’ll want to follow these steps. In this article, we’ll discuss how to choose the right shape and size for your candle box, as well as add-ons. This will ensure that your custom candle boxes are the perfect way to advertise your brand or product. But before we get started, we’ll cover some important considerations before ordering.

Printing images and graphics on custom candle boxes

If you want to give a unique gift that everyone will enjoy, you can consider printing images and graphics on custom candle boxes. You can even have a special message or quote printed on the box to make it more special. This option is especially effective for candle melt boxes. It is also more affordable than cardstock and is highly customizable. You can even include the recipient’s name or other information. There are many printing methods to choose from.

Candle Box Packaging is an excellent advertising tool. Custom boxes can feature your logo and brand details on the front and back, and they can also feature a window or lid that draws the customer’s eye to the product. If you’re not sure about how to get a custom candle box printed, consider purchasing one from a reputable custom printing service. A professionally designed box will increase sales and brand awareness.


When it comes to custom candle boxes, shapes can make a big difference. While the simplest box can be made of single-layer cardstock, the more elaborate boxes may require multiple layers. Depending on the material and design, you can choose from matte or glossy finishes. To draw attention to your design, consider using a glossy or matte aqueous coating. Corrugated cardboard is a sturdy choice for high-volume orders.

Paper and cardboard are both suitable materials for custom candle boxes. You can choose between single-layer or multi-layered cardstock. The latter is better for small boxes. The paper used for custom candle boxes may be glossy, matte, or a combination of both. Lamination, if used, can also make them more attractive. The final choice should be based on the desired aesthetic appeal. You may also opt for a combination of kraft paper and cardboard to give your boxes a unique appearance.


Aside from the essential elements of candle packaging, there are a number of addons that are great for retail use. These include color models, printing techniques, and smooth surfaces, which can enhance the overall appearance of your packaging. Addons are great for increasing the exclusivity and selling power of your packaging, and they can even be used together in one design. Regardless of whether you’re using the packaging for promotional purposes or to sell the product itself, these features are a great way to make your candle boxes stand out in a crowd.

One popular add-on for custom candle boxes is the wax stamp. This allows the customer to see the actual candle through the packaging. The color signifies the flavor of the product, which customers love to see. A wax stamp will not only add a personal touch to your packaging, but it will also show customers that you took the time to make your packaging as unique as possible. With so many options available, addons will boost your design and make it even more unique.


When it comes to branding your candles, a glossy or matte lamination can make the packaging look much more professional. The difference between the two types of laminations is the amount of reflection they create, so matte is a better option for boxes containing candles. Matte lamination is softer than gloss and gives the packaging a velvet-like feel. The difference between glossy and matte lamination can be subtle, but either option will add a touch of luxury to the packaging.

In terms of material, there are many types of materials that you can choose from to create Custom packaging boxes. Single-layer cardstock works well for small boxes, while rigid cardboard is better for larger ones. The final material you choose will depend on how much attention you plan to devote to the product. Some materials, such as cardboard and foil, have both matte and glossy finishes. In addition, you can combine different materials to create your boxes’ look and feel.

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