Net Health Agility – Electronic Medical Records Software For Urgent Care

Net Health Agility

If you’re a healthcare provider looking for the latest software to streamline your workflow, Net Health Agility electronic medical records software may be the answer. This cloud-based software offers customizable templates, billing, and exposure management. It can streamline laboratory results, exposure management, and bill payments. In addition, AgilityOM can automatically capture data and provide access to critical patient data in seconds. Net Health has a number of features that make the software worth considering for urgent care and occupational medicine providers.

Employee Health Module

Net Health is adding new features to its employee health electronic documentation solution, Agility. The new Employee health module enables organizations to track employee wellness and compliance across the enterprise. Traditional processes for communicating employee health data can be lengthy and ineffective. With the new module, administrators will be able to see insights on employee health in real time. Several recent features of Agility include COVID-19 compliance tracking and reporting. This solution also offers dashboards for health executives to access information on employee wellness and compliance.

The Agility EHR supports the latest ICD standards, updating with code changes each October. Accurate ICD-10-CM code selection is necessary for medical necessity, carrier policy requirements, and reimbursement. The E&M level mapping is also aligned with documentation. This enables EPs to make sure that E&M levels are mapped appropriately to patient care episodes. Further, Agility supports the latest CMS initiatives, including the Patients Over Paperwork initiative.

Clinical Documentation

In a world where patient data is more critical than ever, clinical documentation can help streamline your daily operations. Net Health’s Agility Electronic Medical Record solution streamlines lab results, patient history, exposure management, and billing. In addition to reducing administrative overhead, the solution offers a full suite of clinical documentation solutions, including e-prescribing for controlled substances, electronic prescriptions, and a cloud-based architecture.

To meet this goal, Agility EHR supports the latest ICD standards and updates code changes annually. Accurate ICD-10-CM code selection is crucial for medical necessity, carrier policy, and reimbursement. Agility also aligns E&M level mapping with provider documentation. By doing this, EPs can ensure that E&M levels are assigned to the right episode of care. Agility EHR supports a full range of ICD-10-CM code changes.


If you’re looking for a new revenue cycle management solution, consider Net Health’s Agility in billing and revenue cycle management. Their suite of solutions includes EMR and revenue cycle management software for urgent care practices, occupational medicine practices, and on-site employer clinics. Net Health recently acquired Integritas, a medical record software vendor, and incorporated their technology into its offerings. Their AgilityOM system includes a unified solution with robust reporting and coding capabilities for urgent care practices. In addition to being CCHIT certified, AgilityOM is also designed to streamline daily operations.

Net Health’s Agility in billing software is updated annually with ICD standards. Code selection accuracy is critical to satisfying medical necessity, carrier policy, and reimbursement requirements. This solution aligns E&M level mapping with the physician’s documentation, making it easier to code and submit the right claim. This is particularly important as the CMS recently launched a new initiative focusing on patient care, not paperwork. Therefore, the software supports proper coding by eliminating errors and ensuring accurate data.

Revenue Cycle Management

In a market where healthcare costs continue to rise, revenue cycle management can be an effective way to improve financial health. Several companies offer revenue cycle management services to help providers increase revenue. Some of these companies have more than 30 years of experience in the field, and they have a proven track record of high utilization. Another company offering revenue cycle management services is the Medical Consults, LLC, a national firm. They analyze revenue cycle management processes and recommend operational efficiencies. Their results typically increase revenue by 20 to 30 percent over six months.

Revenue cycle management solutions can be complex. While some providers opt to outsource this process, other companies offer revenue cycle solutions specifically for medical practices. Symplr, for example, offers services to manage payer enrollments and credentialing. Besides, they work with payers on behalf of providers to reduce bad debt and ramp up services. By combining the services of an expert team, the Symplr solution provides all the expertise needed to maintain a healthy revenue cycle.

Cost Optimization

Organizations must implement cost optimization mechanisms to meet their business goals. Cost allocation starts with the native hierarchy of providers. These organizations must complement this approach with cross-cutting resource metadata, such as tags and labels. These mechanisms can identify wasteful spending and promote cost optimization. To create an effective cost optimization system, organizations must adopt a multifaceted approach that incorporates both cross-cutting resource metadata and cost optimization tools. This article will examine some of the best practices for cost optimization.

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To get started, organizations need to understand how cloud services will affect their costs. To do this, organizations must adopt the appropriate financial management tools and incentivize cloud consumers to take financial responsibility. Organizations must also establish business KPIs that correlate with cloud costs, as well as determine the return on investment (ROI) of cloud services. The cost management tools must be available across the organization to enable cost optimization. Therefore, providing visibility and control for cloud consumers is key to maximizing the value of the cloud.

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