A Roadside Bomb Kills Sargent Major Steve Spc Deweese

Spc Deweese

Sargent Major David Spc Deweese, a Marine Corps veteran, was killed in Afghanistan by a roadside bomb. We learned a little bit about him and the reason for his death in this article. In addition to his military background, he was a veteran of the Vietnam War and had served in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Native of Putnam County

Steve Deweese was a Marine Corps veteran who loved the outdoors, the New York Yankees and also being on the water. Tragically, he was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. A native of Putnam County, West Virginia, he graduated from Poca High School and also enlisted in the United States Army. He served in Iraq for over a year, training Iraqi police officers. He was awarded numerous medals and the Legion of Merit.

Initial Deployment

During the initial deployment, the Blue Spaders had become part of a battle group. Before their deployment to Vietnam in 1965, they had rejoined the 1st Infantry Division. The Blue Spaders served in Vietnam longer than any other division, and also they won eleven battle streamers during their time there. In 1970, Spc Deweese’s unit was recognized with a Valorous Unit Award. After the war, he was transferred to Schweinfurt, Germany, where he was assigned to a forward-deployed brigade.

Marine Corp Veteran

Steve Deweese was a Marine Corp veteran who loved the outdoors. His enjoyed fishing, boating, and also yard work. He was also a New York Yankees fan. He was killed by a roadside bomb. His  was originally from Putnam County, West Virginia, where he graduated from Poca High School in 1984. After joining the Marine Corps, he served in the West Virginia Army National Guard. He was awarded several medals for his service.

After serving in the Marine Corps, DeWeese wanted to stay in the military after the events of 9-11. But he figured he was too old to stay in the service. But he heard about the Army age increase and also signed up. He was assigned to a forward-deployed brigade.

Lifelong Resident of Putnam County

Spc Deweese was a lifelong resident of Putnam County, West Virginia. After graduating from Poca High School in 1984, he joined the United States Army and also achieved the rank of Sergeant. He served in the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and received several awards for his service. He retired from the Army as a Command Sergeant Major.

Spc Deweese was a member of the 16th Infantry Regiment. His unit was part of the unit that landed on D-Day plus one, and also it was one of the first units to capture the first German city, Aachen. The unit later served as a division reserve and took part in the breakout of the German line near St. Lo, as well as in the Allied counteroffensive in August 1945.

Numerous Medals

Spc Deweese, a United States Marine Corps veteran, served his country with distinction. He enjoyed fishing, yard work, and the New York Yankees. He retired from the Marine Corps as a Sargent Major and had served in the field for 43 years. While serving in the military, he earned numerous medals, including the Legion of Merit.

Conde was a member of the infantry and was assigned to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. He deployed to Afghanistan in September in support of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. Conde had joined the Army in August 2015 and had served in Alaska since April 2016. He was awarded the Army Service Ribbon and the Parachutist Badge.

New York Yankees

Spc Deweese served his country in the United States Marine Corps for 43 years. His enjoyed being on the water and spending time in the great outdoors. He also loved fishing and the New York Yankees. He died in a roadside bomb in northeast Baghdad. His platoon was in Iraq to train Iraqi police officers. The blast killed Deweese and five other soldiers.

Final Words:

During World War II, Spc Deweese Spader was a Blue Spader. His was a part of the 1st Infantry Division battle group. He remained in the war zone longer than any other division. His earned eleven battle streamers, the Valorous Unit Award, and two foreign awards for colors. He later served as a forward-deployed brigade here.

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