Is Cloudways Worth the Hype?

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Some things sound too good to be true no matter how much people vouch for them. Cloudways is just that; the affordability paired with high performance and functionality is a combination we rarely see when it comes to hosting services. However, do not put too much pressure on yourself to find out why is Cloudways worth a try, let this review make it easier for you.

What does Cloudways have in store for you?

With Cloudways, you don’t have to think about the intricacies of web hosting or issues one can face when creating powerful websites. Rather than offering traditional shared and dedicated hosting plans, Cloudways uses clustered servers to balance website loads. There are no rigid paying plans; you can choose from several pay-per-usage cloud hosting packages. Cloudways provides simplicity and ease to clients so that they can focus on making their dreams a reality.

What Services Are You Getting?

Cloudways offers customers a set of different web hosting tools and services for the success of their website. Here are a few significant services from the many services they provide:

  1. SSD-Based Hosting

Cloud SSD hosting employs SSD servers that are resilient and reliable. SSD storage allows websites to find and serve their pages faster than standard hard drives. If a hosting service has SSD storage, the chances of data lost in lower than normal. SSDs are also less vulnerable to physical shock and overheating problems.

  1. Auto-Healing Managed Cloud Servers

Cloudways makes sure you do not have to deal with website crashes. If there is a problem in the server, the company automatically fixes it by using automation. In case your queries are not solved, you can always contact the customer support and they will guide you. Users do not have to manually sort the problem out. Hence, most issues with servers will be detected and resolved before you even notice.

  1. Dedicated Environment

With shared hosting environments, users face a lot of delays and poor customer support. Cloudways gives clients a dedicated environment that not only is secure but works faster and increases website performance. Dedicated environments are better at coping with websites’ bandwidth and computing power, they also provide the server resources your website requires.

  1. Bot Protection and IP Whitelisting

You can use Cloudways to protect WordPress websites from traffic crowding generated by malicious bots, brute force attacks, and Denial-of-Service attacks. It also lets you create a whitelist of IPs that can collaborate with networks or regions that have unrestricted access to SSH and SFTP. An unauthorized access risk is significantly reduced when it reduces the attack surface; IP whitelisting makes that possible. All Cloudways hosting servers are protected against hostile traffic and unwelcome guests by firewalls and two-factor authentication.

5. Separate Landing Page for Services

The best thing about Cloudways is that the company has a separate landing page for each of its services. If you’re looking for WordPress hosting, then they have a site for that one too. If you’re looking for Ecommerce hosting, then you will be redirected to the eCommerce part. The point being is that the site is highly optimized and you can easily find information related to the services you want.

In case you’re stuck somewhere, the platform features a very friendly support center that can help you answer your every query without hesitation. Cloudways have some of the best IT professionals in the industry who can handle every query with professionalism and resistance.

6. Automated Backups

Backups are an important part of the hosting process that should be carried out by every provider. The only thing resilient here is that some hosting providers charge extra for this simple feature. Cloudways, not only provide state of the art website backups but also automate the process based on the package you’ve bought.

So let’s say your package supports a bi-weekly backup, you can rest assured that your website is in great hands. Cloudways always think ahead of their customers and will offer state of the art services, no matter the package.

Final Verdict

It takes the complexity out of cloud hosting, allowing users to scale their website with the help of their managed hosting assistance for WordPress, etc. It also prioritizes performance and security. Considering the easy user interface, affordability, and scalability offered by Cloudways, it is safe to say that it is worth the hype.

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