What is D2L Arizona?

D2L Arizona

University of Arizona Online calls D2L a “Learning Management System”. It’s where students and instructors connect and share information, such as syllabuses and course materials. It also lets instructors and students submit and view grades. In short, D2L is a “one-stop-shop” for all things online learning.


Students can register for courses through D2L Arizona if their instructor has activated the site. Course sites are normally active about 1 week before the start of a semester. Students who haven’t registered for a course yet should contact the instructor directly for instructions. They can also request a course site through the D2L Course Site Request page.

The University of Arizona is one of the many institutions that use the D2L platform. The platform provides students with an online classroom and access to digital textbooks. It also offers students tools such as Panopto, Zoom, Examity, and others. Additionally, students are able to use D2L as part of their community outreach efforts. It is important to note, however, that D2L is not available to non-UA affiliates.

Students who wish to use lecture recordings should be aware of the conditions and responsibilities of using lecture recordings. In addition, students should not use them for other purposes, such as for commercial purposes. This is in violation of the Code of Academic Integrity. Violations of this policy may result in course sanctions, including suspension and civil action. In addition, it is important to note that content provided through D2L is protected by copyright laws, and unauthorized use of recordings is subject to penalties.


Instructors at D2L Arizona are able to track the progress of their students’ online classes. Each assignment includes a rubric that determines a grade, usually between 0 and 100. Instructors are responsible for ensuring that students access the correct material and do not violate the rules.

In addition to offering a course management system, D2L Arizona also offers a mobile-responsive interface. This platform allows instructors to monitor student progress and save over $3 million in textbook costs. The University of Arizona is using the D2L Brightspace platform to help instructors take ownership of the education process, and students are benefiting from the cost savings.


D2L Arizona policies are in place to protect the intellectual property of university students. For example, the university prohibits students from selling or reusing lecture recordings without the instructor’s consent. In addition, students may not use recordings for any other purpose than personal education. Violations of these policies may result in suspension and civil action.

Students must have a D2L account to access D2L courses. If students are not registered in at least one course, they will not be given a D2L account. In addition, D2L course sites must be activated by the instructor before they can be accessed. If the instructor hasn’t activated the course site, the student must contact the instructor to get it activated.

Faculty may also upload a photo of themselves to their profile on D2L. However, this photo will be displayed in all classes and may be copied by other students. Because of this, students should strive to maintain a respectful classroom environment. Faculty may remove photos that are inappropriate. It is best to choose a professional-looking photo that doesn’t include anyone else. It also shouldn’t contain any material that would foster a hostile environment in the classroom.

Contact Information

If you’re experiencing trouble accessing your D2l Arizona course, you can contact your instructor or go to the D2L system status page to get help. The System Status page displays status indicators for all IT services, including D2L Arizona. It also provides notifications for any outages. Students can also contact the IT Support Center for assistance at any time of the day or night.

The D2L Arizona platform is used by the University of Arizona to deliver online courses. It provides faculty and students with an environment for collaboration. The platform also provides access to digital textbooks and course materials. Students also have access to online tools such as Zoom, Examity, and Panopto. The platform is free for UA students.

Final Words:

The D2L Arizona support team is available to assist students and instructors. They also conduct workshops and trainings to help students use the D2L Arizona system. Training sessions are available during the Fall and Spring semesters. D2L is also available on mobile devices. The D2L app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.


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