5 Steps To Writing A Dissertation In Short-Time



A dissertation demonstrates a student’s research skills and capacity to deliver information on an original subject that intends to benefit the academic and scientific world.

Writing a dissertation is not a simple process, though.  However, creating a dissertation need not be difficult writing. And your research will go much more smoothly if you clearly understand the larger picture.

Here is a comprehensive guide on writing a top-notch dissertation without going crazy.

Create a successful research proposal

A study proposal should convince the committee that you will offer important, interesting, and challenging subjects. Although this is shorter than the dissertation itself, it is just as vital since here is where you should construct an important research topic and establish a strategy for how you will present your findings.

When writing a research proposal, take into account the following:

  • The theme, heading, and query:
  • What issue will your dissertation address?
  • How will you come up with solutions to this issue? What impact does this issue have on the academic and scientific community you are a part of?
  • What significance does it have in resolving this issue?


Title of dissertation

  • Three aims maximum. Anything extra could be overly detailed and should be condensed.
  • Include references in your list or describe the theoretical traditions, subject-matter specializations, and other informational sources pertinent to your research.
  • Your research question’s major points should be highlighted in this section.
  • This might be non-empirical (if the information is acquired via surveys or similar tools) or empirical (if resources are from previously published works).
  • Potential Results. Describe what the results of your investigation and analysis will be.
  • Timeline. Create a timetable outlining how you’ll complete each stage of writing your dissertation in time.

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Doing research

It’s time to do your investigation to get the answers to your query. This procedure consists of the following two steps:

Create a research strategy.

You must write a methodology chapter explaining the how’s of your study at this point. You’ll need to make wise choices at this point regarding your study design, such as:

  • Examine philosophy (i.e., positivism, realism, pragmatism)
  • General approach (quantitative, qualitative, mixed)
  • Data gathering plan (i.e., surveys, questionnaires, targeted groups, interviews)
  • Data analysis approach (i.e., narrative, content, discourse)

Conduct research

Here, implement your strategy and begin gathering data.

Depending on your strategy, data collecting might be time-consuming (particularly if you arrange interviews or perform surveys), so include adequate time for this in your study. Before you begin data analysis, you must prepare your acquired data. For instance, you might need first to convert audio to text if you conducted one-on-one interviews.

 Remember that your research question and the type of study you are doing will significantly impact the data analysis you utilize.

Proofread and edit

Make sure all the sections of your paper are in the correct order; this is one of the secrets of a well-written dissertation. Therefore, set aside enough time to revise and proofread your work.

Your research proposal and dissertation might lose quality due to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and careless formatting before concentrating on grammatical problems, typos, and other irregularities, set aside time to prepare and rewrite your dissertation.

It could seem impossible to tackle the obstacle of writing a dissertation. However, the procedure may be completed rather easily, provided you comprehend the steps and attentively follow them. Although the route to completion may be lengthy, it need not be difficult. You can do this!

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