A Complete Guide for Sidewalk Repair & Maintenance

sidewalk repair

Sidewalks are an important part of your property. They add value and help people walk around the community. That is why you must keep them safe and smooth to avoid any tripping accidents. The NYC also encourage you to keep them clean and safe for pedestrians. Sidewalk repair can be expensive. On the other hand, maintenance does not cost a thing. In this article, we’ll explain all the maintenance processes you can do to keep your sidewalk smooth and secure for pedestrians. But first, you need to understand why maintenance is important.

The Importance of Sidewalk Repair Maintenance

First things first, you can avoid sidewalk contractors NYC violation notices and heavy fines from the DOT with proper sidewalk repair and maintenance. You should know that the DOT regularly check all the sidewalk around the city. If they find any cracks or other violations, they will issue a notice. You do not want to receive that notice.

The DOT will give you 75 days to fix all the problems regarding your sidewalk. If you fail to do so, they will take the matter into their hands. They will hire a contractor and will do the job for you. But remember you will have to pay the cost of that job. In addition to that, you will also have to pay heavy fines. You can avoid all this hassle with a little bit of maintenance work now and then.

Sidewalk maintenance is not a big deal. You can clean it on regular basis. Use a broom for this purpose. You can also use a fire hose to remove all the debris and dust. But if there are some cracks and uneven surfaces, we would suggest that you hire a pro to help you with that. You can do a DIY project but remember you can make matter worse if you do not have proper training and tools. Now, if you have decided to do it by yourself you should know about all the maintenance methods.

Making a Patch

This is the most common repair type when it comes to cracks and holes. You can patch a broken corner or a small gap. But remember this is not a permanent solution especially if the cracks are getting bigger. You can use a concrete filler for this purpose. The new patch will look prominent on your sidewalk. This will not create a pleasing look but it surely will work. You can use asphalt or concrete for patching. The durability of this method varies based on your material use, cracks, and underlying stress.

Crack Repairing

There are several reasons for a surface to have cracks in it. The poor material quality, defect in building techniques, and harsh weather conditions are some of those reasons. Before repairing a crack, you need to determine its causes. This will enhance your chances of success. This process is only good for cracks that are less than an inch. You can use a polymer modified to fill all those cracks in your sidewalk with sidewalk repair Manhattan. You can also use sealants for both concrete and asphalt sidewalks. The durability of this process depends on various factors including the crack depth and your repairing technique.

Grinding & Cutting

Grinding and cutting are yet another process for sidewalk repair. You can use this method for heaved and uneven surfaces. In addition to that, this process will make a permanent solution to your sidewalk problems. You can use grinding for both concrete and asphalt sidewalks. The grinding and cutting will reduce the thickness of your concrete slab but it will maintain its integrity. You will not have to worry about that. Furthermore, this process will create a permanent solution. We would recommend you hire a professional for this kind of job. It is hard to do it on your own.

Sidewalk Repair Mud Jacking

This is yet another useful solution when it comes to sidewalk maintenance. You can consider this method especially if you have sunken ground due to water leakage or for some other reason. For this purpose, you need to drill a hole into your slab. Then inject a concrete mixture. This will elevate the slab creating a smooth surface for business. You can fill the hole with a mud slurry.

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