Why Press-on Nails Are A Better Option And How To Maintain Them

Press-on Nails

Now if you hear the word press-on nails the old-fashioned and poor-quality nails come to your mind but now it has changed. The press-on nails these days come in a lot of varieties, sizes, and lengths. Whether you want  Press on Nails Short or long both are available in hundreds of designs and shapes. Press-on nails save you from the effort of going to a salon now and then to get your nails done. Here are some of the reasons why press-on nails are a better option.

Reasons Why Press-on Nails Are Better

Here are the top 7 reasons why press-on nails are better than going for other nail extensions.


Press-on nails are affordable and on average press-on nails are available for under $20. Good quality nails last longer and they give a completely natural look. On the other hand, if you go to a salon you cannot even think of getting your nails done for $20.

Take No Time

In salons, you have to wait for a long time to get your nails done. If you do not have time to get your turn then press-on nails are a lifesaver. You can apply press-on nails in a few minutes and then you are good to go.

You Can Change Anytime

If you get your nails done at the salon at a high cost then you will wait for a time before you change the style. With press-on nails, you can change them even after a few hours. If you want to change your look on some occasion then you just need your press-on and glue and do it in a few minutes.

Easy To Remove And Reusable

Press-on nail are very easy to remove as you do not have to dip them in any kind of chemicals like acetone. As these nails are easily remove so they are not damage in the process. This way you can use the press-on nails again and again.


Another benefit of press-on nail is that they are durable which means they do not break, get scratched, or even do not lose their shine over time. You can do your normal house chores like dishwashing and cleaning.

A Lot Of Varieties

Press-on nail are available in a lot of variety. Any design or color combination you can have on your press-on nails. A wide range of nail art accessories is also available so that you can do your nail art by yourself. Make sure to do the top coat after you apply the nail paint or nail art so that it will last for a long time.

Healthy For Your Nails

 Press-on nails are healthy for your nail as compare to acrylic nail as no harsh procedure is involve. While applying the acrylic nail your natural nail are buffer and the bonding used to apply acrylic nail also damages your nail severely. While removing the acrylic nail acetone is used which further damages your nail. On the other hand, press-on nail do not damage your nail.

How To Make Press-on Nails Last Longer?

Here are some tips that can help press-on nail last for more than 2 weeks.

  • Before applying the press-on nail make sure that your nail are perfectly clean. The method to clean the nail is to rub the alcohol on the nail so there is no natural oil or residual nail polish on your nail. If there is any then it will affect the effectiveness of the glue that bonds the press-on nail.
  • After applying the press-on nail you are good to go after a few minutes but to make your nail last longer avoid contact with water for at least 2 hours. That is the reason it is recommend to apply the press-on nail at night so the nail will get proper time to adjust.
  • The quality of the glue is an important factor. Make sure to purchase good quality glue even if it is expensive. Usually, the press-on nail come with glue but most of the time it is not good enough to hold the nail for 2 weeks. 
  • Apply the top coat to the nail. It is surprising to know that a top coat helps the natural nail and false nails to stick together better. The top coat makes the press-on nail hard which helps the nails to stick in a better way.
  • The  Press on Nails Short is more durable than longer ones as there are more chances of breakage with long nails. Mostly long press-on nails are more common but you always have the option of cutting them short to a normal length with a nail cutter.
  • Applying the cuticle oil is proven to be effective if you use press-on nails frequently. It will help you to keep your natural nails healthy.


Press-on nail are better in many ways and that is the reason they are getting into the trend. Now a wide variety of press-on nail are available so you have many options. But if you want your nails to last longer then you must take proper care of the nails as mentioned above.

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