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Professional indemnity insurance Malaysia

Everybody has experienced a demanding workday. However, some people may pay the price for a work error (literally). Professional indemnity insurance Malaysia can help with it. 


When a customer loses money due to their work and sues them in civil court, professional liability insurance helps businesses—large or small—recover financially. Your legal defence costs and settlements are covering. It may give a much-needed sense of security to professionals that offer guidance and services, handle sensitive data, and manage intellectual property. 


Here is a brief overview of PI insurance.


What is insurance for professional indemnity? 

Inappropriate advice, subpar service, or carelessness at work can occasionally run a client out of money. If this occurs, clients may file a claim against you for the losses and inconveniences they have suffered, and you will be responsible for paying for your defence’s legal costs and any appropriate damages if you lose. Professional indemnity (PI) insurance is the commercial insurance plan make especially to pay for these costs.


What is the process for professional indemnity insurance? 

You are protected by PI insurance from financial loss from such allegations of carelessness or misconduct. Specialised insurance brokers provide it, and you can either buy an already-made policy off the shelf or work with them to create personalised coverage that satisfies your unique needs. 


Like any insurance, professionals or companies pay a premium for the appropriate coverage and file a claim when necessary. Additionally, there is an excess, and everybody with auto insurance is familiar with how it works: the higher the quantity, the cheaper the cost.


The typical payout cap for PI insurance is $1 million. However, lawyers have been known to ask for up to $2 million in coverage.


How is the cost of my professional indemnity insurance calculated? 

When determining your professional indemnity insurance rates, insurers will consider several aspects of your company. 

The scope and nature of your company 

It is occasionally necessary to charge a premium “per capita” for each employee the company has. Larger companies typically stand to lose more financially and in terms of their reputation. You will often require more excellent insurance if you work for a large corporation as a client.

The importance of the work you do 

Professional indemnity insurance premiums may be calculated based on gross fees, gross income, or the amount of indemnification. You can determine the right degree of protection by considering your pay and the total worth of your labour. 

The degree of possible danger involved in your profession 

Different professions will charge different rates. Insurers are likely to demand higher rates if your company is subject to high levels of risk. The minimum level of coverage you must have if you are working under a contract that demands professional indemnity insurance is typically specified, which will affect your rate.

Your history of filing claims 

Like any other sort of insurance, your prior claims history will impact your professional indemnity insurance rate.

The importance of professional indemnity insurance 

The first PI insurance policies were creating in the 1700s as a means of safeguarding accountants, attorneys, and architects from their sporadic mistakes. PI insurance is still essential today, if not more so. 

In our complicated, digitised environment, mistakes can occur considerably more frequently, and even a tiny mistake can rapidly have serious repercussions. Digital documents are much too simple to misplace or disclose, and even a small error (like an additional zero on a payment) may significantly impact a client’s money, business, or reputation.

What does professional liability insurance cover? 

If a client sues you, PI insurance will reimburse your defence costs and settlement amounts. You may be requiring to pay compensation if you cause property damage, bodily injury, or financial loss. PI insurance claim costs might vary significantly based on how severe and expensive the error was. 


Although policies vary, this insurance typically guards against recommendations, services, or designs that exhibit any of the following. It’s crucial that these errors were unintentional:


  • When a professional does not operate with the necessary standard of care, it is considered negligence or a breach of duty. 
  • Inaccuracies and omissions When a professional errs or omits to add a crucial piece of information, which results in needless expenses to fix 
  • Data protection and copyright violations: When a professional steals, misappropriates or plagiarises private information, 
  • Confidentiality breach: When a professional unintentionally divulge private, crucial information to a third party, which causes a loss of company or money
  • Defamation occurs when a professional spreads untrue information about a client, portraying them negatively and costing them business. 
  • Documents lost: when a professional misplaces important or delicate papers, endangering the client.

What does professional indemnity insurance not cover? 

PI insurance excludes: 

Costs related to harming a client’s reputation 

Only financial loss or expenses linking to bodily injury and property damage are covering by PI plans. The coverage could not pay for these expenses if the customer has to employ a PR company to repair reputational harm because of your carelessness. Therefore, they could still try to hold you responsible for such expenses.

Public responsibility 

Insurance for public liability is comparable to PI protection. Both pay the expenses of court cases involving property damage. However, PI insurance only covers property damage you cause and personal injury to you. The PI coverage does not cover these expenses if your mistake results in another customer visiting your establishment being hurt, kill, or causing them to damage their property. 

Worker responsibility 

The insurance won’t pay for the expenses if another employee gets hurt. For this, you’ll want separate employment liability insurance.

Who is eligible for professional liability insurance? 

A mistake that might have a costly effect on a client can benefit anybody, whether an individual or a corporation. This covers people who deal with data and intellectual property and those who provide specialised advice, services, or designs. There are several experts on the list, including:


  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Financial advisers
  • Chartered surveyors
  • Healthcare experts
  • Advertising professionals (marketers, designers, copywriters, photographers etc.)
  • Business consultants
  • Public relations professionals
  • Programmers
  • Publishers
  • IT service providers
  • Recruitment consultants
  • Interior designers


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