Norstrat – A Review of a Strategic Communications Firm


Norstrat is a strategic communications firm that concentrates on public relations, government relations, and marketing communications. It is located in Canada and serves customers worldwide.

Objective or Legal Responsibility

Norstrat is design specifically to help its customers with a particular business objective or a legal responsibility to implement parts of the Canadian Northern Strategy. It is owned and operated by Lee Carson, who captured over $200M in Canadian contracts.

Marketing-Related Services

Norstrat offers a wide range of services to help customers achieve their goals. This includes a variety of marketing-related services, such as social media management and advertising campaigns.

Norstrat also provides strategic consulting services, which include assisting clients with launching a new product. They also assist with customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Analytical Market Research Tools

The company also uses analytical market research tools, such as the NPD Group’s Brand Metrics software platform. This tool compares marketing activities to sale performance, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the impact of their efforts.

Norstrat also works closely with Hill & Knowlton Strategies to offer its customers access to a large community service network. Its services are invaluable to businesses and organizations looking to meet their goals promptly and efficiently.

Four Employees

The company started as a small consulting firm with four employees but has since grown to be a major brand. Today, it has hundreds of employees serving clients from across the world.

It has a strong presence in Canada and is a leading name in strategic consulting services. Its consultants can help with brand building, product launches, and customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Public Relations

Their services include digital strategy, public relations, and social media management. They also offer workshops for professional development and executive coaching.

They are experts in writing memoranda to Cabinet, a critical step in securing funding for a project. Only a few companies have the necessary expertise to complete this task with confidence.

They also provide bid management services and risk management. This is a complicated process that involves identifying all the possible risks to a project and figuring out treatment plans for them if they happen.

Strategic Plans & Achieve Success

Norstrat offers a wide range of expertise to its clients. It works with them to implement their strategic plans and achieve success. The firm also helps them improve their operational performance. This can include process re-engineering and implementation of new technologies.

The company’s experts also help clients understand their industry, competitors, and customers. This allows them to make informed business decisions.

They have a diverse team of professionals and work with a variety of sectors including healthcare, telecommunications, technology, consumer goods, retail, and manufacturing.

Forefront of Design

Their primary focus is to help businesses at the forefront of design. Their consultants are seasoned professionals in campaign strategy and business development.

The company was found by a group of former Canadian Armed Forces officials to promote collaboration between the public and private sectors. It aims to help companies and public agencies in implementing the Northern Strategy.

Strong Reputation

Norstrat is a strategic consultancy firm that is renown for its extensive government and also military ties. It provides digital strategy, public relations, and social media marketing services to global brands.

The company was founded in 2010 by former military and also government employees, and is now headquartered in Canada. The firm’s consultants have extensive experience in brand building, product launches, and customer acquisition and retention strategies.

Leadership Development Programs

Its public sector experts can assist with government relations, campaign planning, and also lobbying. They also provide training and leadership development programs.

Founder Lee Carson has been working in the aerospace and also technology sectors for more than a decade. He has a strong reputation for leadership and innovative thinking, which is why Norstrat has grown so quickly.

Final Words:

Norstrat focuses on helping customers build the ideal northern foundation. The company stays centered on federal government-funded major infrastructure projects, and they offer a number of helpful services to help their clients along the way.

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