What is Sddfcu? How To Have www.Sddfcu.Org Login?


Sddfcu Financial provides consumer and business banking services. It offers current, savings, and investment club accounts; personal, home, construction, and loan products; and quick overdrafts.

Simplest Way to Manage your Accounts

DFCU Financial also offers mobile banking through a smartphone app that puts 24/7 account access in your hands. It’s the simplest way to manage your accounts anytime, anywhere.

DFCU Online is a free service that allows members to access their accounts. It also provides access to bill payments, money transfers and other services.

Savings Products

This credit union also offers a variety of savings products, including Regular Share Savings, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), Money Market and Share Certificates. All of these accounts have dividends of 0.02% or more, making them a great way to earn extra cash.

Card CTRL App

The credit union also has a Card CTRL app that lets you manage and control your credit cards with spending limits, merchant and transaction type restrictions. It can help you get more out of your cards and protect your accounts from fraud.

Financial Education & Preparedness Programs

DFCU Financial also offers a number of financial education and preparedness programs for its members. These include webinars and podcasts focused on money topics like Medicare, Social Security and debt management.

DFCU offers a robust mobile banking app that lets you deposit checks, manage your account and pay bills. It’s also designed to keep your personal information secure.

Advantage of Perks

GO Banking Rates ranks DFCU among its 2022 Best Banks for members who want to save money, improve their finances and take advantage of perks. The credit union’s free checking accounts are easy to open and offer dividend bonuses starting at $50 per year, rising based on your balance.

DFCU Financial also has a wealth of money management tools and resources, including webinars, podcasts and an online budgeting tool. The CardCTRL app is another handy feature for controlling your credit and debit card usage, while alerting you to unauthorized use.

DFCU ATMs are a great way for members to access their funds and make transactions on the go. Credit union ATMs are also more secure than their bank counterparts, utilizing advanced security technologies like encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Unlike traditional bank ATMs, credit union machines are usually free to use. Plus, credit unions often partner with the Allpoint network to provide members with more locations and greater convenience.

Global-Leading Banking Software Company

DFCU partnered with CR2, a global-leading banking software company, to transform their ATM, Card and Payments Management Platform. The result is a high-tech, low-cost solution that helps DFCU deliver innovative services at the right time to the right people. Among other things, the partnership will enable the dfcu to improve customer service and experience with a modern online portal.

DFCU offers a variety of credit cards designed to meet the financial needs of members. Some cards offer a rewards program and others have no annual fees.

Secured Credit Card

The Sddfcu Savings Secured Visa Platinum Card is an excellent secured credit card with few major drawbacks. It has a rewards program, very loose underwriting standards, almost no fees, and a reasonable security deposit.

This card also provides many travel-centric perks, including no foreign transaction fee and emergency assistance services. It also comes with Mastercard identity theft protection.

Whether you want to buy a new home, refinance your existing mortgage, or take out a line of credit, Sddfcu can help. Our lending options include a variety of fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages, FHA, VA, USDA, reverse mortgages, and more.


Depending on the loan program you choose, Sddfcu can offer you a competitive rate and long-term financing. Sddfcu also offers commercial real estate loans, business term loans, and lines of credit.

Sddfcu is a participant in the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac), and is a member of the New York State Department of Financial Services. For more information on its loan programs, contact a Sddfcu loan officer.

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