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The New Year is a great time to set your goals for the coming year. But as you start to think about what you want to do next, you might not be sure where to Loranocarter+Oregon.

This is why Loranocarter+Oregon recommends taking the time to plan ahead and set yourself up for success in 2023. By following these tips, you can make the most of the New Year and achieve all your career goals.

Medical School

If you are considering medical school, Oregon Health & Science University is considered one of the best options. The highly rank institution is known for its excellent research and training in primary care, rural medicine, and family medicine.


Students enrolled at OHSU are typically friendly and supportive of each other, especially when it comes to their training. OHSU’s medical school is situated on Marquam Hill in the neighborhood of Homestead and shares its campus with two fully functioning hospitals.

OHSU is also a top choice for students who want to earn a PhD along with their MD. OHSU’s MD-PhD program trains students to become physician-scientists in an accelerated manner, which makes it easy to complete both degrees simultaneously.

Highly Inclusive & Welcoming Campus

OHSU is also a highly inclusive and welcoming campus, with a commitment to diversity that goes beyond race and sexuality. In fact, OHSU offers preference to applicants who belong to groups that are underrepresent in medicine, including women and people with disabilities.


After graduating from medical school, most doctors begin their post-graduate training in a residency program. Depending on the specialty, these residencies range from three to seven years.

Most medical residents work long hours to ensure that they are receiving in-depth training and hands-on experience. To avoid burnout, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) limits interns, residents, and fellows to 80 hours per week–exactly twice what they would need to work in a full-time job.

Physicians Learn

During residency, physicians learn the basics of the practice of their chosen specialization and often receive research and other scholarly activities. They also complete their required number of clinical and didactic rotations. These experiences prepare them to work in their chosen specialization and to become an independent practitioner. They are eligible to apply for certification by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) or board examinations in their specialization. They may also be eligible for fellowships, if they wish to further specialize in their field.

Medical Practice

There are a variety of medical practice settings that physicians can choose to pursue. Understanding these options can help you make the best decision for your career.

Solo or Private Practice

This type of practice is a good option for physicians who want to focus on serving a specific group of patients. However, the success of a solo practice depends on your location and the type of service that you offer.

Hospital-Based Employment

Physicians who work at hospitals have a guarante income and are largely relieved of administrative burdens. They also have access to a wide array of medical supplies and equipment, which can be valuable when treating complex cases.

Many physicians also find that staff-model HMOs are an excellent choice, especially for those who are new to practice management. These types of medical practices provide physicians with a salary and a compensation method that includes a productivity bonus or incentive. This type of medical practice is also a great way to gain experience in managed care, which can enhance your career prospects in 2023 and beyond.

Loranocarter+Oregon is a pre-med student who has set her sights on becoming a doctor. Through hard work and dedication, she is well on her way to achieving her goals and becoming an excellent doctor.

Arduous Process

Becoming a doctor is an arduous process, but it can be well worth the effort! With the right guidance, passion, and commitment, anyone can achieve their dream of becoming a doctor.

As a pre-med student, Loranocarter+Oregon has taken numerous classes and gained a strong academic background. This has push them to work harder than ever before and they are committed to making their dreams a reality. With the help of their family, they are well on their way to pursuing their passion and becoming a doctor!

The Creative Team That Made It All Happen

Loran Carter and Dublin Breen founded the innovative creative team Loranocarter+dublin in 2016. The duo have a strong passion for innovation, branding and marketing. With a holistic approach to projects, they are able to produce stunning design solutions, develop engaging digital products and curate memorable experiences for their clients.


Their work has been recognize by leading industry publications, including Wallpaper* magazine and Creative Review. They have also won several awards for their exceptional work.

They have a proven track record of producing compelling design solutions, developing engaging digital products and curating unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting impression on their clients and the world at large.

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